University of Canterbury Study Tour
Thursday 22 November 2018, 1-4pm


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NZATEAP/StarRez PD Day - Striving for Excellence
Friday 23 November 2018, 9-6pm | Bishop Julius Hall

There’s a big difference between striving for excellence and striving for perfection. Striving for excellence can really motivate and inspire, while striving for perfection can become demoralising.
“Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities” - Anonymous

This years’ professional development day will consist of multiple sessions that hit on engaging topics focused on the ways in which we can strive for excellence within our profession. Sessions will be organised to professionals in key functional areas within student accommodation, specifically looking at Strategic Management, Residential Life, and Residential Services.



Thursday 22 November 2018, 9 - 5pm | Bishop Julius Hall

NZATEAP has partnered with ACUHO-I to deliver a Masterclass. It is our hope that this exposure to Internationalopportunities delivered locally will benefit a wide range of members.

The 2018 NZATEAP/AUCHO-I Master Class will focus on the areas of Residential Life/Education and how do we prove our value proposition that living in University accommodation means that our students are better off. The day will be split roughly into two parts. First we will look at the theories round student affairs pertaining to student accommodation and emerging trends such as the residential curriculum etc. We will touch base on trends such as bystander intervention etc. The second half of the day will look into assessment and evaluation. How do we provide key data and information from our programmes to decision makers?

Our presenters on the day are:
Allan Blattner
Director for Housing and Residential Education - University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Stephanie Lynch
Assistant Vice-President, Student Affairs - Georgetown University


Register for one or all of these events here!

NZATEAP is committed to delivering value added services to it’s Members. This requires the Executive committee reviewing current practices and initiating projects for our ideal future state. Our plans are ambitious, but with the support of an enthusiastic membership body we know we can achieve wonderful things.

For more information, refer to the NZATEAP Annual Plan 2018.


At the Annual General Meeting on the 8th of December the membership were pleased to vote in a new Executive Committee for 2017!

President - Jacob Waitere
Vice-President - Anna Williams
Secretary - Tara Brewer
Treasurer - Laura Dunstan

We are excited about what the new office holders will achieve in 2017!

NZATEAP Building Blocks to 2020

NZATEAP President, Jacob Waitere, was proud to share the Associations Strategic plan with members in the month of August.

"This strategic plan sets a clear pathway for the future of the Association. It builds on the successful history of the Association and maximises the many poisitive opportunities for the future" says Jacob.

We encourage all members to read the Strategic plan and think about how they can contribute to the development of their Association.

The Executive committee of NZATEAP have been working over the year to finalise values for the Association. These values represent what is important for the Association to deliver to it's members but also what our members value in the profession.

Five new values for NZATEAP are being promoted on our Facebook progressivly with a Value a day starting on the 2nd of August. Our first value launched is EDUCATION.  

"The new NZATEAP values is a great way to help communicate what is important to our Association and our purpose as a collective of professionals" - JWaitere NZATEAP President

See the values here: www.facebook.com/NZATEAP

NZATEAP is excited to announce that a new Professional Practices subcommittee has been formed and met in Auckland in May. This committee is tasked with ensuring that NZATEAP offers a number of professional development opportunities that meet the needs of members and strive for the betterment of the profession.

Membership includes:
Convenor = Simon Cayzer (Manawatu)
Felicity Jansonius (Auckland)
Jillian Liota (Auckland)
Sarah Lockett (Waikato)
Priscilla Brooking (Wellington)
Diana Noyce (Wellington)
Stephen Kissick (Canterbury)

We are excited to announce ACUHO-I and NZATEAP have renewed their relationship in Sydney in April 2016. President Jacob and ACUHO-i President Allan, together with Globalisation Director Colin, have some exciting international projects in the pipeline to bring a unique kiwi flare to student accommodation. This relationship will result in benefits over a wide range of international resources ACUHO-I offer for NZ members.

This further demonstrates that NZATEAP is a globally thinking, locally acting association.